Handyman Boynton Beach

Handyman services have been used for decades to ensure that the various areas across a property are kept in a good condition through expert repairs and maintenance – but a professional handyman can do so much more for you than that. 


A quality handyman professional will be able to upgrade the various areas of your property by installing new features and improvements – and you might be surprised by just how broad and versatile the services available through a handyman. Whether you’re looking for help with carpentry and construction, you need electrical and lighting assistance, or you’re seeking out AC repair expertise, professional handyman services are the way to go.

About Us
At Handyman Boynton Beach, we’ve made a career out of providing valuable handyman services to the homes and businesses across the Boynton Beach area of Florida. We’ve been in this region since our inception, and it brings us such joy that we’re able to help with the improvement and rejuvenation of our beautiful local area. The handyman services we provide are carried out by seasoned professionals with years of experience at their backs, and we believe that they have the resources, deep wells of knowledge, and professional equipment to manage even the most severe and complex tasks.

Our Services

We’ve constructed the range of services that we’re offering to our customers in the region with the same care and attention that exhibit during our work activities – and this has served us beautifully over the years. The services we provide are broad and comprehensive by nature, and we’re yet to come across any circumstances where we’ve been incapable of assisting a customer in need. We can help you with appliance repair services, basic carpentry, the maintenance, repair, and installation of both decks and patios, and so much more – this really is just a drop in the ocean in terms of how we can assist you. If you’re not sure whether we’re up to the task, our customer service team has the answers that you’re seeking.

Appliance Repair

Our appliance repair team is the best in the business, and can help with the repair and maintenance of any kind of electrical appliance at your property. In the past we’ve restored functionality in fridges, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and so much more. Additionally, we’re able to provide these services for any model or brand of appliance that you have – that’s how deep our service experience is.


Basic Carpentry

Carpentry has such broad application potential that there’s really no area of your property where this might not come in handy. Our carpenter services can help you with the building or assembly of furniture like chairs, tables, cupboards, wardrobes, or cabinets – but they’re also useful for the installation and repair of doors and windows, amongst other things. If you have a job for us in mind, you only need to let us know.


“Thanks so much to Handyman Boynton Beach for their amazing work on my patio. It looks so beautiful, I never thought I’d have such a lovely outdoor space to spend time in with my children and grandchildren. I’ll be recommending them to all my family and friends.” – Ester C.


Decks and Patios

These wonderful spaces can be used year-round for cooking, dining, entertaining, and of course, relaxation. Made from a range of high quality materials, we’re adept at both the installation and maintenance of these spaces. The addition of decks and patios are certain to add to the value and utility of your property in a substantial way – and it’ll even make your property easier to sell in the future.


A/C & Heating

Most people are aware of how critically important heating and air conditioning systems are to the comfort of a property – which is exactly why you need to be on top of any repair or maintenance issues that crop up. Leaks, electrical issues, and even mold are all associated with these systems – and we can help regardless of the problem. Of course, we’re also happy to provide installation services for our customers in the region too.


“I want to thank the guys at Handyman Boynton Beach for the top job they’ve done on my outdoor lighting. The whole system was a mess – full of water and dirt – but they’ve got it back in working order, and even improved it. This definitely feels like money well-spent.” – Declan R.



​Fences are an important part of the security and privacy protections present at any property, and when your fencing becomes damaged and broken, it leaves your property vulnerable. We’re able to repair broken fence panels and posts, apply protective stains and treatments, and of course, we can help with the installation of fences too. We work with a broad range of fencing materials, so whatever you have at your property, our service will cover you.


Electrical & Lighting

​The electrical & lighting services that we bring to the table are full of utility – and can be applied in both the interior and exterior of your property. The electrics in your home are principal part of the functionality of the building, so it should come as no surprise that when they’re damaged, your property really suffers. We’ll make sure that your home continues to work in its optimal condition.


“Handyman Boynton Beach provided a professional but friendly service experience throughout my time with them, and they’ve done a good job repairing my fridge. Quick and affordable, I’d certainly use them again.” – Lara J. 


Call Us Today

If you want a trustworthy and reliable handyman service based in the Boynton Beach, Florida area, we’re the ones for you. We’re the premier service around here, and will work tirelessly to give you the results you’re seeking. To gain access to our services, speak to our customer service team today through our main telephone number during normal working hours, or via our online contact form outside of those hours. Both contact points are found on our company website. They’ll offer you more information on the services we provide and the pricing structures we carry, and obviously, they can help you with scheduling an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.