A/C & Heating

At Handyman Boynton Beach, we’re accomplished across a broad range of disciplines and trades, and one of the services that we’re increasingly finding our customers need us for is the installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning and heating. Given the scorching temperatures and severe humidity that we experience across Boynton Beach, Florida, it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that A/C & heating is a widely utilized installation. If you want to keep your properties cool and comfortable in the warm times, but warm and toasty when it’s getting colder, then it’s critical that you invest in a repair and maintenance service – and we’re the team to use. You can find out plenty more information about our air conditioning and heating repair and installation service by reading on below, or by contacting our customer service team.
Installation Services
If you don’t currently have an air conditioning system already installed at your property, our handyman professionals are available to take on the task for you. We’re comfortable installing any kind of air conditioning system at your property, and can do so regardless of the scale of the job at hand. We’ll make sure that the installation is seamless and straightforward, and limit the disruption that the process causes in your property. You’ll quickly wonder how you ever went without air conditioning once we have your system up and running – that’s how much of a difference it makes!
A/C and Heating Risks
When we install air conditioning and heating systems, you can expect them to work flawlessly over the long term, but you should be aware that some installations can present issues if you’re not careful. When the installation process isn’t done correctly, or the system is compromised somehow, it’s possible that you could get leaking and extensive water damage to your property. If that happens, it’s also possible that you’ll have the spread of mold and mildew to contend with, and that can be a real hassle to handle. You can avoid all of this happening by making sure you bring in a repair service like ours quickly. 
Common Repair Issues
Over the years, we’ve supplied routine repair service to the people across Boynton Beach, Florida for all sorts of air conditioning and heating system issues. Leaks are perhaps the most common complaint that we get, but it’s also possible that your systems internal mechanisms and electrical elements could become damaged or deteriorated – or you might have wiring issues, or fuel related issues. We’re capable of overcoming whatever is present to get it back in a functional state.
Models and Manufacturers
We’re happy to provide our installation, repair, and maintenance services for any kind of brand or manufacturer of air conditioner or heating system. Throughout our years in this business, we’ve handled pretty much every kind of installation you could imagine, and we’re confident that we won’t come across a model or installation that we’re not capable of handling – this is the significant of using an experienced team with an extensive track record.