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St. Paul, Minnesota Topographic Survey Company - Professional and Affordable

Whenever you require a Topographic survey, Land Survey St. Paul can conduct one for you anytime and anywhere you need it. The entire staff of our company is a registered land surveyor. Hopefully, you found what you were looking for if you were looking for a survey. 

Performing topographic surveys is necessary because they determine features such as heights, shapes, and landforms, thereby determining the land’s location. 

In our experience as an established topographic company in St. Paul, MN, we know that topographic surveys are one of the most in-demand types of land surveys. One of the best ways to determine your property or land boundaries is to use a survey. Specifically, this survey was designed to collect information about the characteristics and elevation of the land. Typically, this generates a three-dimensional draft of the property, illustrating where artificial and natural features are located within the landscaping.

In the context of taking up any projects on a specific land or property, the topographical survey service we offer is essential for determining and assessing opportunities, unforeseen issues, and determining the best plan to take.

Our topographical survey services evaluate opportunities, determine unforeseen issues, and recommend managing a specific land or property project. We conduct topographical surveys for our clients as an essential part of their process to ensure that they will not face any challenges implementing their designs.

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Efficient Topographic Land Surveyors in St. Paul, MN

Performing topographic surveys

We review existing conditions during the first step, evaluate opportunities and constraints, and then prepare a permit application. Following the approval of these permitting documents, we will develop a detailed construction plan and specification of the concept facilities. Environmental engineers, engineering technicians, and environmental specialists are among those who provide these services.

 Land surveyors Saint Paul mn have formed a close working relationship with all the government agencies and are highly knowledgeable about the rules and regulations relating to construction projects. Thus, the risk of delays caused by objections from community members and regulators is minimized.

A topographic survey is conducted using topography equipment. Topographical surveys also differ from other types of surveys. They examine and measure the land’s surface and consider the boundaries and contour lines of the property. GPS and EDM are combined with TST to facilitate the calculation. Engineers then approve architect designs by reviewing their 3D models based on the accumulated data. In this regard, it is always best to contact topographic land surveyors when it comes to land surveying in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you have questions, you are welcome to ask them.

Is it necessary to conduct topographic surveys?

The topographic survey is also called a contour survey, and it is an essential component of civil engineering design, construction planning, and property transactions.

In a sense, topographic surveys are safety precautions and are mandatory by local governments to identify existing conditions that may affect a construction project. Then, based on the existing property’s condition, architects and engineers create accurate designs suited to the land’s topography.

Topographic surveys will also help the client better understand how to utilize the property’s natural features to add other amenities, such as grading and drainage ditches. The professionals at Land Survey St. Paul can perform your topographical survey so that the design of your project is suitable for the land features. Moreover, we will provide you with more advice about refining your property’s use and what is important to you. 

A topographic survey is needed for:

  • Describe your existing drainage system overall
  • Study areas that are prone to flooding
  • Calculate the flood plain location
  • For site layout and roadway plans, gather accurate elevation and surface measurements for an existing conditions survey.
  • Verify the RIM elevation of manholes during construction
  • Verify that the site was built substantially following the proposed plans by providing the final as-built data

We offer topographic survey services of the highest standard in St. Paul, MN.

Our team has experience serving all industries and sectors from the financial, legal, and construction industries; we are here for you. We provide fast, accurate, and reliable data using the most advanced surveying techniques and equipment. 

Our company is very flexible about how it approaches jobs, no matter the landscape we work on. Our team provides you with a wide range of outputs to support the information we present. If you would like to learn more about what we do, please contact Land Survey St. Paul.

Our services do not end with land surveys. We have also conducted surveys of manufactured land features, underground and on the sea. 

Our team specializes in providing high-quality surveying services, including building and civil construction surveys, boundary surveys, and many others. As a one-stop shop for surveying services, our company offers a wide range of services. Our team will explain our services in more detail when you contact Land Survey St. Paul. You can also avail ALTA Land survey services from us!